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A defining moment in competitive sport

UYOA golf grass left

UYOA golf grass centre

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For years its tradition, its history grew.  

On many previous occasions the games best players had assembled to compete for this most worthy title. On many previous occasions a Champion had been crowned.

What began as a modest event at a quiet golf course in the heart of Great Britain in 1998 has grown into golf's definitive examination - and in the view of many...its most prestigious prize.

In the process UYOA has made . . .
Hero's out of Contenders
Celebrities out of Un-knowns'
and . . .
Legends out of Stars

As a succession of players have etched their names into the history of the game.

UYOA - Be The Best



UYOA Golf grass bottom left   UYOA Golf grass bottom right

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UYOA is a brand conceived to provide a fusion of social interaction with a competitive event without the stuffy rules and regulations of other clubs.
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